Getting Shacked on Google Wave

My first experience with Google Wave proved to be entertaining and Wave seems promising as a useful collaborative tool. I was on a wave with 4 other people, and I think the more the merrier. We weren't doing anything obviously meaningful, but as a backchannel for class it proved entertaining. I can see more constructive uses in a classroom environment, but I think it would take a lot of self-control or a moderator to keep it on-topic.

The ability to post comments on previous "blips" created an even more asynchronous experience than chat, that was engaging and fun. Also, youtube and image embedding was useful for trolling. My biggest gripe was that running it in firefox on my netbook was painfully slow and my screen could barely accommodate the UI overload. Nonetheless, it felt good to ride the Wave. If they can improve performance and get more people signed up, I would certainly use it more.