Mobile Freedom Project – SUCCESS!

In earlier posts (here and here) I've talked about my frustration with contracts and crummy service from AT&T, and my quest to find an alternative. Skype + Peek was fine as an interim solution, but being tied to hotspot access only for voice was a problem. Furthermore, the Skype App won't ring the iPhone, so it was basically useless as a real-time voice call solution.

I've discovered a better way. The missing links were SIPdroid for Android and Datajack 3G. SIPdroid allows calls via Junction Networks OnSip service (per minute VOIP), and datajack gives me unlimited 3G at $40/month, no contract. The datajack is a usb device that is intended for use with laptops, but I discovered that it has a T-mobile SIM that can be popped out and inserted into an unlocked phone (an Android G1 dev phone in my case). I have Google Voice setup with my OnSip number, and the GV app on the phone. I have yet to determine how to make calls from GV with the OnSip number, but for now I simply specified my caller id as my name and GV number in the OnSip admin panel.