Bridge into Beacon

On Tuesday I spent the day in Beacon, NY for thesis research. Beacon is probably best known for the Dia Foundation, just adjacent to the Beacon stop on the Metro North, but I discovered that Beacon is also host to a burgeoning cultural scene and home to numerous NYC expats.

[caption id="attachment_557" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Susan Stava for The New York Times"][/caption]

While there I met with Scott Tillitt of BEAHIVE - a coworking space with a vision to serve the local community - and Dan Weise of Open Space Gallery. Both Scott and Dan are of the "NoBro" (North Brooklyn) contingency, and were sympathetic to my ideas and interests around Hybrid Communities. In short, there is a space in Beacon for a collaboration.

[caption id="attachment_562" align="alignnone" width="442" caption="The Beacon Triad (from left to right) - Main Street, Metro North, and Dia"][/caption]

Specifically, I've been considering a way to collaborate with the community to make an effort to bring in new visitors to Beacon, especially those already coming to the Dia (most of whom it seems do not make it past the Foundation during their visit). Hopefully, through a joint effort with BEAHIVE and the Beacon Citizen's Network (a social network of Beacon residents), we can create even stronger community within Beacon through shared interest, while catalyzing the nascent cultural revival that is happening there.