Impulsive and on-the-go

I had a meeting at BEAHIVE in Beacon, NY last week to present my ideas for a "digital bridge into Beacon" and got some great feedback. Based on the conversation and subsequent consideration, I've decided to focus most heavily on the mobile web component. BEAHIVE member Chris Joslyn highlighted the importance of knowing the user's state of mind when they discover the app and use it for the first time. I realized that most users will be visiting the app on the go, probably immediately following their visit to the Dia Beacon. It's also clear that this is a one time or very intermittent use application that is highly rooted in impulse, so it will have to be extremely simple and intuitive. There is no room for a learning curve.

With these points in mind, I plan to make the home screen a list and simple map with markers showing all locations, with three filter tabs: Food, Arts, and Shops. Each tab will narrow the map markers and the list to that category. If the user taps a marker or list item, they will see a details page with the location name, subcategory (i.e "cafe" or "gallery"), address and phone number, and directions from their current location in list form. Preview to come.