Sketch-In Instead of Check-In

Sketching In is my answer to Foursquare check-in. Every time I'd otherwise check-in on Foursquare, I draw a picture and upload it to Twitter. Inspiration came from a response to my enthusiasm about a recently earned Foursquare badge:
Cognitive slavery (aka crowdslaving) in action.RT @ckundo: Just got a super-palindrome bonus on @foursquare: c-c-c-combo breaker!!!

— John Robb (@johnrobb) November 11, 2011

It's a strong position that I'm not altogether agreeing with, but it resonated enough to make me think hard about why I use Foursquare. I decided to try to recreate the instant gratification and exhibitionistic thrill of Foursquare, but instead of a generic badge or canned message, I'd make something personal.

These drawing are unique and tangible, and give me a chance to practice my drawing. Here are some recent sketch-ins: